Landscaping refers to the development and modification of land by modifying the land features like taking care of the flora, fauna and indigenous species. It also includes building the benches, walking paths, springs, and fountains in the public interest.
Landscaping requires the study and knowledge of understanding natural resources like sun, water, land and air. For example, to choose a land site, the sun, wind and weather condition, terrain, etc., all play an essential role in developing a land area.

Landscaping has many distinctions used for maintenance of the land and steps like –
• Removal of weed and wild plants
• Ploughing, Mowing and Levelling of the land
• Seeding and plantation
• Fertilization and pest control
• Grooming and beautifying the land

What is land mowing?

Mowing is done with the mowers used to cut grasses to maintain the shape and structure of the lawns and gardens. These help to reduce manual labour of cutting grasses and help to do the work at a much faster speed. There are different types of mowers present in the market as per the requirement of area and need.
Landscaping would require regular lawn mowing. Otherwise, the area will soon start to look wild. One must also pay special attention to aeration, soil testing and irrigation for a healthy and well-maintained land area.

What is meant by the grooming of plants?

You must have heard about self-grooming, where you maintain proper hygiene and pay special attention to the appearance to maintain your inner health and outer beauty. Pant grooming is very similar to this, where you have to work with a little precision.
• Pinching – You have to maintain the shape of a plant by pinching so that it maintains a bushier shape rather than growing tall or spreading out in random directions.
• Deadheading – You also have to remove the faded or say dead flowers. Otherwise, it may deteriorate the plant quality and spoil the look; this process is known as deadheading.
• Clean-up – You must have gone for a clean-up in the parlour or done it at home yourself. Plants also need regular clean-up to take care of pest control and add the required compost and manure needed. Manure provides all the required nutrition and minerals to plant to flourish in their best way.

Landscaping is the combination of science and art that requires scientific knowledge, experience, and artistic skills. Landscaping promotes the cultivation of the land to obtain better crops and resources. It also promotes ornamental plants through horticulture.
One landscape can be very different from the other. While one may have aesthetic value, the other may be famous for human interaction and resource development. In many culture and tradition, the land is treated as a holy figure that provides us with all the necessities and amenities from food to shelter. Landscaping helps to take the initiative towards the preservation of natural resources. The study of horticulture and landscaping can be used to achieve a better surrounding environment for the natives.

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